Easiest Way to Fix Windows Error code 0xc004f050

Error code 0xc004f050
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Windows Activation Error Code 0xc004f050 indicates the Problem with windows License key. This error 0xc004f050 usually appears when we try to Activate our windows computer or Laptop.  Officially windows provided a free windows 10 upgrade for Windows 7/8/8.1 Users. This usually happens when critical system files are missing or sometimes a server capacity issue. The users who had Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 activated before the Windows 10 they are not getting Windows activation Error 0xc004f050. This 0xc004f050 windows 10 error only show when you clean your PC and then install windows.

How to Solve Windows Activation Error Code 0xc004f050?

Windows have c0mmon errors which almost every user face 0xc004f050 Error is among one of them. No one likes that Ugly Activate Windows Watermark on Display when you use Your Pc or Laptop. Don’t worry here we give the Step by step Guide to solve your Error Code 0xc004f050. We have shared Multiple methods to solve error 0xc004f050.

Reasons for Causing 0xc004f050 Error

  • If you enter invalid windows product key.
  • By Mistake, you delete Important windows file.
  • This error occurs if the windows license validity has expired, or if the license is not signed correctly by the user.
  • If Critical System files missing from your computer when you Flash iSO using the bootable device then Error Code 0xc004f050 occurs.
  • For Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista-based PC, this error comes when you have entered the key of the old beta version of the Windows operating system while using the released version of the operating system.

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Method1: Re-insert the Product Key to solve Error 0xc004f050

To Apply this method you need to Re-insert the Windows Genuine Product Key using the Product Key Change tool.

  1. Open the Cortona and then type “System Properties” and open it.
  2. Now find the windows activation section and then click it.
  3. Now click on the Change Product key section.
  4. If the system asks for admin username &Password then Enter in it.
  5. Now, In the Product key section box, Enter the Genuine Windows Password key and Press CONTINUE.
  6. After it, Follow the Windows Activation Wizard to complete the Windows activation Process.

NOTE: Make sure that you use the right product key for your Windows edition or it won’t work.

Enter the Windows 10 Default Product Key.

Win 10 Home: YTMG3-N6DKC-DKB77-7M9GH-8HVX7

Win 10 Pro: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T

Win 10 Home N: 4CPRK-NM3K3-X6XXQ-RXX86-WXCHW

Win 10 Home Single Language: BT79Q-G7N6G-PGBYW-4YWX6-6F4BT

Win 10 Home Country Specific: 7B6NC-V3438-TRQG7-8TCCX-H6DDY

Win 10 Professional N: 2B87N-8KFHP-DKV6R-Y2C8J-PKCKT

Check whats display on screen if again Windows Error code 0xc004f050 Pop up then try Next Method.

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Download Windows Key Activator Tool to solve Error 0xc004f050

This is the best method for the users who have downloaded windows 10iso from the Internet and them have now not any windows Genuine key and not want to Purchase that. Most of the People use Windows Key Activation tool to solve Windows Update Error.

  1. Download the Windows Activation Key tool and Install it.
  2. After Complete Install Open it.
  3. Make sure Your system AntiVirus tool will be Turn off.
  4. Now, Run it. it automatically detects your Windows Product Software key.
  5. Now, Copy that key and Activate your windows in Windows Activation.

Method 3: Activate Window using Phone

Activate Windows by using the automated telephone system:

windows activation error code 0xc004f050

windows activation error code 0xc004f050

You tried the first method but you still facing the same Error code 0xc004f050 Now, try this Method. This Method worked if Windows Server causes the problem. Contact Windows Microsoft so they could help you with this Problem.

Follow the Below listed Steps,

  1. Open the Cortona and then type “System Properties” and open it.
  2. Now click on the Click here to activate Windows now in the Windows Activation section and then click it.
  3. If the system wants admin username &Password then Enter in it.
  4. Now, try to find Show me other ways to Activate Option to Activate Windows.
  5. Click on the  Use the automated phone system to Activate.
  6. Or directly type slui 4 commands in Cortona its automatically open the Panel
  7. When window display Select Your country and click on Next.
  8. Now Call on the toll-free number while in front of your Laptop.
  9. A unique confirmation ID will be given to you by the automated phone system.
  10. Type the Conformation ID in the box and Click on activate.

If Windows activation error code 0xc004f050 stil Pop up on display then try next  activate windows using clean Install Method.

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Method 4: Activate using Clean Install

This Method only for those users who has updated there Operating System using the Bootable Usb and CD by downloading ISO files from the internet. (Clean installation) This Error code 0xc004f050 display to you because you deleted important files. If you have product key of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and now you did a free upgrade to Window 10, you need to do the fresh install of the original Windows where your product key is bundled.

  1. Install Clean Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1 anyone of using the installation disk and activate windows Copy.
  2. After it downloads all the updates and Windows 10 upgrade will be Pop up or download windows media Creation tool and use option Upgrade this PC to Get Windows 10.
  3.  When the Windows Upgrade did, Check the windows Activation status.  You will see your windows is activated. Now, you can not see Error 0xc004f050.

In this Post, We Posted a detailed guide on how to solve Windows Error code 0xc004f050. If you still have any query regarding this then comment Below our team tries to Help you.

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