Huawei Mate 20 X review

Huawei Mate 20 X Review
Written by Sunita Rana

Huawei is famous for its flagship phones with Quality. After the Samsung Huawei is the second most Flagship mobile selling Company. Recently Huawei has launched Huawei Mate 20 X Premium Flagship Device. The Huawei Mate 20 X is still an obscenely big smartphone but it has many of the features of the Mate 20 Pro for less. Here’s our full review of the Latest Huawei mate 20x.

Huawei Mate 20 X Specification

The Huawei is making excellent premium smartphones nowadays, the company as a whole is at a little corporate nightmare. With a full US ban on sales of its telephones (although you can import them), the furor surrounding the corporation might make you want to steer clear regardless of the present lack of proof that its network gear is a back door to your data.

Huawei Mate 20 X Review

The Mate 20 X is a large smartphone which sits along with the Mate 20 Guru and Huawei Mate 20 as a premium, well-built apparatus in a variety that offers three phones based upon your taste.

The Mate 20 X is equally as good as the other two Mate 20 telephones and is a rare instance of becoming one of 3 phones in precisely the same show that genuinely provides three distinct experiences. Huawei pushes the X for a gaming phone, but actually, it is not that specialist.

Huawei Mate 20 X Price:

The Huawei Mate 20 X is $799 from the united kingdom from Carphone Warehouse, even though it doesn’t provide contract options and can be only available within an unlocked handset SIM-free.

This produces the Mate 20 X 100 less than the $899 Mate 20 Pro (the Mate 20 is not on sale in the united kingdom officially).

This parks it firmly in luxury at the same cost as the Samsung Galaxy S10 and $50 more than the iPhone XS, a couple of the best phones out there.

Huawei Mate 20 X Design

You can granularly control the color mode and temperature and’hide’ the notch in the configurations.

You are going to receive far better screen brightness and clarity from the Galaxy S10 Plus however also the Mate 20 X retains its own with excellent color reproduction and viewing angles, and even the reduced resolution paired together with all the enormous 5,000mAh cell means battery life is truly exceptional.

Huwawei mate 20 x Design

The phone fits in the front pocket of most deep penile jean pockets but will probably jut out the very top of women’s such as its dimensions (174.6 x 85.4 x 8.2mm). It’s hefty at 232g, and we sometimes found it a bit top heavy and leaning forward while studying when we didn’t cradle it with both hands. A one-handed telephone this isn’t.

The build quality is Apple-esque in its finish and is representative of Huawei’s large design leap forward in the last year. Our purple inspection unit (there’s also a blue model) has a metal rim with glass rear despite not needing wireless charging. This back is laser etched all over with a crosshatch pattern that hides fingerprints, enhances grip and honestly looks excellent.

A squircle camera module retains the same triple camera set up as the Mate 20 Guru, sitting over a circular fingerprint sensor where you can swipe down to bring the telling color, handy on a telephone that large.

Around the front is a horizontal display with rounded corners and a small dew-drop top notch that houses the front-facing camera. The earphone is play sound like stereo speakers with the USB-C port.

Buttons are clicky and good quality. Aside from the lack of wireless charging and only having IP53 water resistance, the Mate 20 X is a remarkably feature-rich telephone.

Huawei Mate 20 X Performance

The monolithic form factor is not just for show — the Mate 20 X flexes in regards to performance, with almost identical specs to the Mate 20 Pro. It’s the Kirin 980 processor and 6GB RAM with 128GB expandable storage, even though it’s for Huawei’s proprietary nano SIM sized memory card rather than standard SD. If you don’t need the expansion, then it functions as a dual SIM tray.

Huawei mate 20 X

The phone works with the discretionary Mate 20 X specific M-Pen stylus akin to this (included) S-Pen of the Galaxy Note phones. We weren’t supplied one for review; however, as an optional accessory, it wasn’t missed. Should you purchase one, then you can use it to navigate the UI or take handwritten notes in the Memo program.

On the one hand, yes, it may run each top tier cellular game from Fortnite to PUBG to Asphalt 9 nicely but it’s not explicitly designed with gamers in mind like the Asus ROG Telephone or the Razer Phone two and is a powerful device for anybody who would like a massive screen – not just players.

That said, the Mate 20 X is one of just three phones to be licensed to run Fortnite at 60fps together with the Honor View 20 as well as the US version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

You’ll adore the Mate 20 X’s big display as much for multi-tasking, a delightful split-screen program encounter, and an episode or two on Netflix without straining your eyes. After laughing in the phone’s size for a fantastic couple of days, we finally loved the extra display it provides, even if we had to gratify a few hand acrobatics to prevent dropping the item.

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With these Mate 20 X benchmark outcomes, you can compare raw processing rates (Geekbench), graphical frame rates on several different evaluations (GFXBench) and browser rate (Jetstream) against mobiles of comparable price and specs.

Huawei 20 X Camera Review:

The Mate 20 X has the specific same triple camera set up as the Mate 20 Pro. This is a really good thing because it is one of the best camera arrays up to now on a smartphone (gallery further down).

Huawei Mate 20 X Camera Performance

You don’t get the monochrome sensor we saw on the P20 Pro (which can be a bit of a shame), rather there’s a 20Mp f/2.2 ultra-wide angle paired with all the 40Mp f/1.8 major sensor and an 8Mp f/2.4 telephoto. The latter can reach 3x optical zoom and 5.x digital zoom.

The versatility given by wide angle and accurate optical zoom is very freeing if you get into it while the camera program is much improved from older variants, with the availability to Serve as a point and shoot, or even to rummage around in the extensive pro modes to tweak your

Just the telephoto lens includes optical image stabilization but we didn’t find results suffered from both of the other lenses as a result. Optional’AI’ prompts pick the ideal mode for you to take and they work very well.

We prefer it to the Pixel 3’s Night Sight as Huawei’s processing is more natural. Google’s is great, but it brings in so much light that the scene does not really look natural.

Conversely, a constant software annoyance is Huawei’s Chinese-minded beauty modes, but as soon as you’ve discovered and turned off them, then you are good to go (unless you want them, naturally, but in our publication face slimming and skin smoothing is odd).

Video capture at 1080p will go up to 60fps but it’s also capable of 4K UHD capture, and Huawei has implemented its AI stabilization (AIS) at all levels. The smart old’ Kirin 980 processor deals with all the shake and twists to give excellent results, especially where judder usually ruins the 4K video. Well done Huawei.

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Huawei 20X Battery

Another excellent reason to opt for the Mate 20 X is its own battery life that is astonishing. Granted, this isn’t as clever as refining software or superb energy management. This is merely a colossal 5000mAh battery with a display restricted at 1080p. It lasted for 10 hours and 48 minutes in our battery test (the fourth best time ever in the time of composing in March 2019) and in day to day use we rarely got to bedtime with at least 40% left in the tank.

The furnished 22W fast charger is not quite as quickly as the Mate 20 Guru’s 40W but tops up at a rapid speed. We didn’t get caught short with the excellent battery life, and neither will you.

Huawei Mate 20X Operating System

Huawei’s EMUI has always toyed with spoiling our pleasure of its telephones, but it’s got to a point now with Android 9 Pie at which it is better than it has ever been. It still apes iOS a bit too much, and the notification overlays are heavy and occasionally clunky but overall our time with all the Mate 20 X was enjoyable.

Huawei Mate 20 x Operating System

It’s possible to add an app drawer and a dim mode, and also you made the font smaller. Be aware that with EMUI 9 Huawei has obstructed using third-party launchers, and that means you will be stuck with what you get here unlike on new Android phones.

In addition to the standard three-button navigation, Huawei has added the option because of its gesture system of swipes from the base of the screen. It frees up some space (not that you want it with this phone), but the decision to trigger Google Assistant with a swipe from both bottom corners is confusing as we kept activating it accidentally — that swipe should be back, which is instead a swipe in the left edge. We stuck with the three buttons.

Final Verdict:

If you want a premium flagship smartphone with the most significant screen potential, then that is it. With the very same specs as the Mate 20 Pro for precisely the same amazing cameras, the Mate 20 X is a curious smartphone which we enjoyed using far more than we expected given the dimensions.

Performance is perfect in 2019 along with the winning combination of battery, and 1080p screen is attractive. If you want a smaller phone, then you’ve got many other options, but the Mate 20 X is flying the flag for screen real estate with build quality that’s right out the top drawer.

It does not have complete wireless or waterproofing charging, but with a proper fingerprint sensor along with a headphone jack. So, these are our views on Huawei mate 20x Device.

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