How to Download Microsoft Safety Scanner?

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Windows Safety Scanner: Hello friends are you Searching for Microsoft windows Safety scanner for your PC or Laptop then this is the right Place. Here, We provide Safety scanner 64 bit and 32 bit both for free. Security is essential in the computer system to secure data files from the hackers and viruses. There are many virus removals and anti-malware software available in the market but there is too much cost or not working Properly. But you have not need to buy that because Microsoft windows have own Safety Scanner which free of cost and working like a charm.

How to Download & Use Microsoft Safety Scanner?

Microsoft Windows Safety scanner is used to find and remove malware from Windows Computers. We provided download link Below Simply download it and run a scan to find viruses and malware.  This Safety Scanner works Perfectly on most Windows versions, including XP, Vista and 7, 8,10 without the need for administrator privileges to scan the system. We recommend you to keep update it for the remove latest Malware.

Follow the Below Listed Steps

  1.  Download Microsoft Safety Scanner from here.
  2. After Download it completely installed in your Windows Device.
  3. Select the type of scan you want to be run and start the scan.
  4. Review the scan results displayed on the screen.
  5. This tool lists all identified malware which removes during Scan.

If you want to remove this tool then delete the executable file (msert.exe by default).

This Windows Safety scanner is capable to remove spyware, Malware, and viruses files on your windows device. This safety scanner completes the scanning in Minutes. This scan application displays some files location such as the currently scanned file, the number of scanned and Malicious files, start time and time elapsed time. But this Software does not Provide any Live Support to your Windows Device.

Note: the Microsoft Windows Safety Scanner expires automatically in ten working days after being downloaded. Just download again the safety scanner program and rerun here to get the latest anti-malware definitions.

In this Post, we shared detailed guide to download Microsoft Safety Scanner. If you still have any query regarding this then comment Below our team tries to Help you.

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  • Microsoft windows Safety scanner almost solve all major issues in the system, So, i still use antivirus software in my system?

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