Service Host Superfetch: Solve High Disk Usage ~ 2019

Survice Host Superfetch disk usage
Written by Sunita Rana

If you are searching for Service Host Superfetch using High Disk Space then you come right place. Windows Task Manager shows that service host local system using the huge amount of CPU & Memory. Most windows users are facing this Service Host Superfetch issue. In this article, we have posted a detailed guide on how to disable superfetch. So, Read to the End.

What is Service Host Superfetch?

This Process boosts the speed to launch Application. Superfetch allows windows os to manage Random memory so apps can Perform Great. Superfetch also stores the data from regular using apps directly from ram instead of to again fetch from Hard Disk.

Windows operating system Performs Multiple tasks in Background. Windows Service Host Superfetch is among one of them. its Perform the process to analyze system Specific Usage like RAM usage, CPU usage, Required concept & Storage needed. Superfetch continuously run in the background, it continuously analyzes which program you used most often and it will preload the Application on Ram. That’s why the Service Host Superfetch Problem occurs in mostly windows 10.

Benefits of Superfetch:

  1. Quickly loads commonly used apps
  2. Decreases boot time
  3. Learns your usage Behaviour

The main function is to speed up an application if you are using old Hard drives. If you are using SSD (Solid State Drive) then you did not identify the Improvement Because SSD already runs faster compare to Hard Disk Drive. If you are using HDD & SSD both in your system then SSD is used for to OS runs & HDD is used to store Big files Purpose.

When Operating System Mostly People used OS on SSD reason behind this it’s able to boost the performance of any application running on it without disturbing SSD regular operation. Personally, We recommend using Operating System in SSD and to keep your data in the Hard drive. This will solve the Service Host Superfetch Problem at all.

In short, hard drives should see a noticeable improvement in performance thanks to SuperFetch, but SSD-driven applications won’t.

Superfetch Disk Usage Problem- Reason Behind High Disk Usage?

Service Host Superfetch has copied your most-used files to Random Access Memory (RAM). That’s mean when you open the same file next time it will be open Faster. If your computer System has not Sufficient RAM Space according to your Need then Superfetch cause High Disk Usage.

This Process running continuously it will not cause any harms like Motherboard Failure or Hard disk Failure. Service Superfetch High Disk usage means the computer is running on the Maximum capacity to respond to I/O requests. Once the service will complete its automatically reduce the use of RAM.

Some users also reported the windows Slowdown during booting where the hard drive takes more loads to open Bunch of Application. That means if you run all apps in the system but if superfetch ends slowly down your windows to slow down counter. Windows Shutdown is a Serious issue. That’s why the Service Host Superfetch Problem needs to solve as early as much as possible.

Many users also faced SuperFetch causing heat & slow down the issue in hard drive & CPU Usage when high Ram used. Like Gaming, PhotoShop or any Image & Video Editor used. Mostly Superfetch Disk Usage Problem faced those who have less than 4GB Ram in their Computer System. You can also Change your ram if your usage is high.

How to Disable Superfetch Service?

If your windows system running fine without Shutdown system then you do not need to disable this service. As suggested if your computer system has not enough disk space & your computer use is high that time Service host starts to fill up RAM. That makes a problem so we recommend stopping service host superfetch. But After disable superfetch service you may be facing like lag even while during open small Files.

Follow the steps which are listed below to disable service host superfetch high disk Usage. We Posted two methods to disable it. Both methods are working & Safe.

Disable SuperFetch in Windows Services

  1. Press the Windows key+R to open the Run dialogue box or type ‘RUN’ in windows 10 to locate the Run dialogue box.
  2. Now Type ‘services.msc’ into box and press Enter to open up the Services window.
  3. Now try to find “super fetch”. Now Right click & Stop the Services.

    Service Host Superfetch

    Service Host Superfetch

  4. To stop it for Start again Superfetch Services again right click & select Properties.

    Service Host Superfetch

    Service Host Superfetch

  5. Try to find ‘startup type’ menu in Properties, select “Disabled”.

Now, Go back to Task Manager and check System Disk usage. Now, it should be Normal compared to before.

Disable SuperFetch From the Registry Menu

You can also stop Service Host Superfetch using the Windows Registry Method. Windows Registry Change some of its functions. Follow the Below steps to Disable Superfetch.

  • Press the Windows key+R to open the Run dialogue box or type ‘RUN’ in windows 10 to locate the Run dialogue box.
  • Now Type “Regedit” (without quotes) into the box and click the “OK” button to open it.
  • When the registry window appears, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder Option.

    WINDOWS REGISTRY to solve Service Host Superfetch

    WINDOWS REGISTRY to solve Service Host Superfetch

  • Open this in folder navigate to SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Session Manager > MemoryManagement > PrefetchParameters.
  • Double click on the ‘Enable Superfetch’ value.

If you still not solve the issue then Follow this

  1. Rightclick on the Prefetch Parameters folder
  2. From options, open New > DWORD Value
  3. Now enter ‘0’ as the value to disable this service
  4. Select OK

Now, Again Go back to Task Manager and check System Disk usage. Now, it should be Normal compared to before.

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Disable Service Host Superfetch from Command Prompt

  1. Press Windows + R & type cmd or Directly open command Prompt From the Menu and run as administrator..
  2. Now type “net.exe stop superfetch” and press Enter.
  3. After successfully Disabled, Command Prompt will Display “was stopped successfully“ on Screen.Host Superfetch High Disk usage
  4. Now again type “sc config sysmain start=disabled” and press Enter.
  5. When it is successfully disabled, Command Prompt will tell you the service “was stopped successfully“.
  6. After successfully disabled, Command Prompt will Display the change you made was a “SUCCESS”.

Simply if you want to rid out of this Problem then upgrade your system with SSD or Optane memory which will boost your windows device Performance.

Biggest Myths About Service Host Superfetch.

After the read our email We found some biggest myths about service host superfetch which windows user have. People read our heard from anywhere from the internet.  To Expose this myth and to tell people what is right is important for us.

If you have a good budget then we recommend you to upgrade your system with a sufficient RAM and SSD or Optane Memory. After it your Service host Superfetch Problem is also get Solved 100%. The people have the myth that Superfetch program takes more disk space. But actually is superfetch program Prefetch data taking more space.

The Windows 10 users who have low ram size are now tired from this Superfetch Problem.  And they have more interest than before how task manager integrates with other apps and give the report about Memory Data. In any system, if you do not allocate Proper space to execute it will create a lot of unwanted issues, it’s making their system slowing much higher. Sometimes Shorting motherboard is one of the issues in windows laptop. Mostly the which laptop has graphics card their motherboard will be short fastly That’s the Biggest myths which people have.

System memory C & D &E Part Should be cleaned that’s also the biggest myth. No, Your computer Ram has to Enough Space to run Program on it. If you allocate SSD or optane memory then they will boost your system performance. The Windows Superfetch run on its very smart mechanism Programmed by windows. When service host superfetch creating more problem to low ram windows users.

The windows user thinks that superfetch make operating system boot time longer in the Background. This two are the biggest myth on superfetch service which we realized. So we covered all most of the myth which normal windows have had.

The more than half user windows 10  myth that superfetch using will create bad impacts on their system. Which is totally wrong. Superfetch make your application load faster and it’s not slow down your windows system.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section

After Posting our article many People commented and send us Email and send the same Queries So we are going to cover up these Questions. Our Windows Suite team we do lots of research work. And then we give Suggestions.  We have done the analysis of many realistic reviews, all related to the windows service host superfetch to help you and answer your requirements at a better place.

Our Windows Suite team of technicians working on solve Windows Error easier and better than before. That will help you to solve any windows error.  Many People ask random questions about superfetch Windows 10.

Read them ahead to know regarding some of the unknown superfetch facts which will be posted for you. Beloe Here we selected 15 Common questions which will be the great help for Windows Suite viewers.

1. How can I Easily disable superfetch using my Windows command prompt?

Many times Windows user because of high disk risk they just want to close superfetch service and try to find ways to disable the superfetch program. That’s why here is you can easily disable this program. You have to go to the start menu and type ‘cmd’ then right click and find the command prompt on Display. Now you need to open cmd Program as run as administrator after then write ‘net.exe stop superfetch’ in the box and press Enter. Congratulations Superfetch is Stopped now. you just have to follow this below given simple two steps and your problem is Solved.

2. What do we mean by disk usage?

Windows System Disk usage is related to superfetch working Usage because of any simple change in System disk usage affects the whole Computer performance of Windows. Superfetch High Disk usage related to the Part of space in your local system storage (RAM) which running in use. The amount of allocated Ram size system use and in that’s limit of Program you can run on it.

The contrasting idea of the total space given and total space in use.

3. What does the superfetch service do?

As we have posted up already but still, again and again, we get the same question from our Subscribers. Superfetch is a program design by Windows Vista, it helps to the memory manager and keeps a record of your most-used apps, files and much more for further use. when you next time opens the same file it will be open fastly. The main aim of this program is to decrease the load time of regularly use applications for easy boot.

4. What is the role of superfetch in Windows 10?

The Windows Vista, users understand that is a difference because of the windows 10 software update. But that’s not true. The software upgrade has not solved the performance of superfetch in Windows 10. The work of superfetch will be same it stores data so you can not get space when you need.

5. How can I disable superfetch?  Can it create an issue?

We have already Discuss this Point but let’s discuss again. If you Enable Superfetch you may face full disk space. But it will not create a major issue for your Windows system. And, if you are going to turn it off, Then do it. You can’t see major changes in your system due to superfetch. We Recommend you to use SSD or Optane memory to solve this problem. When superfetch is turn on and still having a full disk space after it your windows system work Great then, leave the superfetch in on mode. If you Face Problem then Disable Superfetch. We already posted Step by step Methode for Disable Superfetch.

6. Why is the service host network restricted?

The Service host uses a lot of disk space in your CPU. Might be they sync & Store that data in Windows Server. or because of the additional windows service host being present in your Computer System.

7. What is the Windows prefetch?

The Windows Prefetch is the second name of Superfetch. People ask many times this question and we reply the same. When open your system to use the same application daily. Windows programs keep a record of system activity like you turn on your computer system and works on your programs in line by line. Imagine you are an accountant and use Microsoft Excel & TALLY Daily on your computer. Same case here.

8. Delete to prefetch (Superfetch) files will be Okay?

You can delete prefetch, Superfetch Files we also discussed this in the above questions. If we Elaborate Prefetch then superfetch is self-maintained, and you did not need to clear it off. But If you delete it by manually then it will be okay. But mistakes if you delete the wrong file then it will create a major issue for your Windows System. Because you are not a Windows developer so you not know each and every file Purpose.

9. Where can I find these prefetch files in My Windows System?

That’s a tricky question the windows System is present in your C drive. We have glad to get this question our subscribers want to know about Prefetch File location. The Prefetch Files is stored in the C:\Windows\SystemResources. you will get this prefetch File here. The File is store as the name  you can also manually delete those files. But don’t delete any files if you do not know what actually file is.

10. To Delete Temporary Files will be okay?

Simply Yes, you can Delete the temporary files and its safe. But You need to know that these files make boot application faster. After deleting you can get more space on your computer.

11. Tell me the Easiest & Safest way to Disable Superfetch?

Disabling Superfetch is a lot easiest compared to enable it When you see in Task Manager that your windows system taking load then turn off superfetch. Follow the below steps to turn off superfetch.

  • Open the Run dialogue box.
  • Now type ‘Service.msc’ in it.
  • You will easily see the ‘superfetch’ name on the list.
  • Now click on it and follow the guide Prompt
  • Now you easily see the ‘stop’ option on the property list.
  • Just stop superftech from it.

12. How to reduce the System Disk usage in task manager?

With the help of Task Manager now you can easily see which application consuming more memory. To Reduce System Disk usage try to find which application consuming most disk and simply Right Click on it and Disable it. Mostly the Chrome is consuming More memory, To avoid that simply remove the extensions which are you not use.

You can see the high difference in disk space after the deleting chrome extensions. We have also posted disable superefetch guide, just follow the step one by one.

13. Does Disable Service Host Superfetch will harm my Computer Motherboard?

No, Disable Service host Superfetch system will do not harm your computer system by Physically. You will not face any Problem if you disable the superfetch.

We have Posted methods are 100% safe because our windows suite team tried all methods on our PC and then we giving suggestions to others.

We hope that Service Host Superfetch Disk usage Problem is solved Now. Our guide provided you with good info about superfetch service and how to disable it, now you can easily keep disk usage to normal using Service Method or Registry Method. If you still Facing issue to solve Service Host Superfetch than comment below, Our team will contact you as much as Possible. Thanks for to Reading the Full Post.

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  • I have dell Insprion 3542 Series laptop with i5-4510 2.00 GHz processor and 4 GB RAM.
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    When i start my windows laptop Disk is running usage 100%. It nearly take 5-7 min to get down again and preform normally. When i check the Task Manager, Service Host got the highest cost. Its show Service Host Superfetch consumes more memory.
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  • I have solved my all doubts in your service host superfetch most frequently asked quetions Thanks windows suite

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