What is a Windows Firewall?

windows Firewall
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Hello Friends, Windows firewall is a Microsoft Windows security application. it’s Scan information data when you use the internet service on your Windows Device. Basically, it provides additionally while you surfing the internet on your computer. Users can also filter the program to list program which application it to allow to use the internet. In this post, we will describe in detail how to locate windows firewall and how to disable and how to enable it.

What is the Windows Firewall in Windows?

The Windows Firewall is the inbuilt security application provided by Microsoft Windows. Windows Firewall scans real-time data when you communicating using the internet. If any Suspicious malware data found them firewall automatically detects it and stop it. Firewall filter both side internal and Outside data so trojan horse and attacks will be stopped.

You have the full control of your device windows firewall. You can access the firewall settings for windows firewall through the Network and security section in Control Panel.

windows Firewall

Windows Firewall

The windows defender firewall and Internet Protocol security (IPsec) configuration system are joined to a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) named as Windows Defender Firewall system.

How to Enable Windows 8 or 10 firewall

Windows Firewall provides accessibility to the user to Enable or Disable windows firewall on Device. Before to enable the firewall to make sure you have disabled other antivirus software who has own firewall.

  1. Open the Cortona and type Control Panel or Click on windows Menu and open it.
  2. Now, click on Windows System and Security.
  3. Find the Windows Firewall and Open it.
  4. If the Windows Firewall is disabled, that means Windows Firewall security is disabled. To turn it on, in the left navigation menu, click on the Turn Windows Firewall on or off.
  5. In the Customize Settings menu, select Turn on Windows Firewall and then click OK.

How to Disable Windows 8 or 10 firewall

If you are disabling windows firewall system just because firewall blocking your application to allow internet then try to allow internet from Firewall system.

  1. Press the windows+R key and Type control Panel and Open it.
  2. Now open the Windows Network Connections.
  3. Now, right click on to Network connections window on Local area connection and select Properties.
  4. Click the Advanced tab in Local Area Connection properties.
  5. Last Uncheck on Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet option.

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Please note that you can turn on or off windows firewall only if you are a system administrator. The settings which you are changing are applied to all the windows user accounts of your PC or Laptop Device. If you choose to disable windows firewall then your third-party security services will be off.

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